Friday, April 29, 2011

Craft Show This Weekend!

This Sunday, Made In Windsor is having another craft show. I will be working that day, as I usually do on Sundays, but my stuff will be available for purchase, as my friend is going to sell it for me. I will have baby booties, earrings, bracelets, dishcloths, hair bows and gadget cozies available.
I'm still working on more bracelets. In my post about them, Joy asked:
Ah, fun! Are they i-cord? I love i-cord for its potential uses, but I haaaate making it. I once made a tank top with braided i-cord straps (so, three strands per strap), and I basically swore never to make i-cord again :P
They are in fact icord! I actually don't mind making it. The bracelets are fairly short, so it's just icord in really short bursts! I can do a bracelet in about 20 minutes, sew the ends together, and be done with it if I am too annoyed. This hasn't happened yet, so I think I am doing ok.

Don't forget, tonight is the craft in, hosted by Scootchidoo Too! I plan on making loads of bracelets, and doing some final craft show prep.

Saturday, I will be teaching some people how to make baby hats on knitting looms with LeeLee Hats! I am super excited for that, as well.

This weekend is going to be great!

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