Saturday, April 30, 2011

The results of my Friday Night Craft In!

Friday was a busy night for me. I finished a few bracelets, tied in the ends on dishcloths and bracelets, and got many more things ready for the show on Sunday. I made up some price labels, and a sheet with all my prices and quantity of each item to make things easier for Christine and Mary-Ellen when they sell my stuff for me while I am at work. I am so incredibly lucky to have friends like them. Christine is the woman who is setting up the show, and she will have a table there with some of her hand made goodies to sell. They generously offered me a small piece of their real estate, and I am going to fill it with some of my stuff.
I started with just a few skeins of cotton yarn for the bracelets. The plan was to make a bunch of each of these four, because they seemed to be the most popular. I ended up making a few black and a few white, and one each of the pink and blue. I also started on another one in a different shade of blue. I'm really hoping people like the other colours I chose! I want to get a larger variety of cotton colours to make these, but I have SO MUCH already that I just can't justify getting any more until I sell some more stuff, preferably made-out-of-cotton-stuff.
Here are just a few of the bracelets I have made. I think I finished 8 last night. I have 23 so far, and I am hoping to bump that number up just a little bit. I am giving deals on buying three bracelets and five bracelets. They look great worn grouped together, and odd numbers nearly always look better in accessorizing, as far as I am concerned!
I have a HUGE stack of dishcloths that I am really surprised with! I crank these out in less than an hour each, and it always surprises me when I count them and realize I have way more than I thought I did. Twenty three of these, as well. (Where are you, Jim Carrey?) Many of them are the regular, corner to corner cloths that everyone makes, but a bunch of them are striped, ribbed and otherwise, made a bit more interesting.
I went to Value Village today on a whim (Rick had to go to Canadian Tire, which was right next door) and I wandered around looking at whatever I could find. I was going to pick up some yarn, but the original price tag was still on it, and it wasn't much of a savings to buy from there. And who knows, the stuff could have been super stinky or something equally gross. I did look through the wicker basket collection they had going on. I found some really interesting ones, that would have been the perfect size, but I really didn't want to pay >$7 for ONE of them. I ended up with three really nice, identical rectangular baskets, with little handles, for under $7 for all three. They hold everything beautifully, and can stack together when I am not using them. I will definitely use them for all my future craft shows!

I can't wait to see what all the other Friday Night Craft In participants worked on! I am so excited to see where this fun night takes us all in the future.
Sorry about the iPhone quality pictures, and the poor lighting. This is how I usually work, with just a reading lamp to light my area. I rarely need to watch what my hands are doing while I knit, so lighting isn't super important.


  1. Wow! You are fast!The striped cloths are nice!I can't wait to see everyone else's Friday night craft!

  2. Really enjoyed looking through all the Friday night craft posts! Love your work!


  3. Your dishcloths look awesome in the basket! I love the variety of colors!