Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is A Great Day!

When my life takes a turn for the better, I want to try to mark it down so I can look back when things are kind of crappy. This is one of the rare days where everything seems to go great. Even Winston (our dog) seems to be cooperating!
Two days ago, I started taking yoga at the aptly named Downtown Yoga. Like I mentioned a couple days ago, I bought a Groupon ages ago, and I finally put it to use. I am sore, but I feel awesome. I am going to attempt to take three consecutive classes tonight. The first is slow, the second is hot power yoga, and then the third is meditation. If I can do this, and do alright, I will make sure to fit this into my schedule every single week.
I listed one pair of earrings this morning, and before I could even post about them anywhere, they sold! I need to edit some more pictures and list more. Rick did a few photos for me, but he is so much of a perfectionist, that it ends up taking him a super long time to do them. I will do a quick edit on some of the photos I took so I can list more. Editing and photographing is the most difficult part of having a shop, for me. I have no idea what I am doing most of the time, so I end up just doing a few basic things to make the items pop a little more.
I am also listing some baby booties. There are only a few pairs right now, but more are coming. I am also going to try to add some hair bows and iPhone cases over the next few days. It's been rainy and gloomy outside, so as long as I can get a few hours of sunshine to take some photos, they will happen!
How are things with all of you?
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