Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An update about Heartsy

My shop was not accepted on Heartsy. I am totally okay with this, though. Spring/summer aren't really the right time that I want to promote my shop. As much as I love doing the button earrings, I want my main focus to be knit accessories. I plan on reapplying to Heartsy in the early fall.
I do want to thank every single one of you that did take the time to vote. I ended up with 40-something votes, which really surprised me, to be honest!


  1. This is the first that I heard about Heartsy. You have a great attitude and you are right - summer and spring may not be a good time for you to promote. Your items are great - just keep creating and enjoy the happinss and peace that it brings you - the sales will come soon enough.

  2. Sorry you weren't accepted, off to read more about this, never heard of it!