Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Finished Baby Blanket!

The baby blanket has been finished! It was actually finished on Tuesday, but I've been working and puttering around, and I just haven't blogged about it.
I used two and a half balls of the pink yarn, and an equal amount of the white. I have TONS of yarn left. I was totally thinking I would run out. I probably have enough for two more of the same size. Another friend of mine is expecting, and I am waiting to find out what she is having.
I just realized this, but both of these lovely ladies are named Nicole (both different spellings than mine) Crazy, no?
The final measurement is right around 25 inches square. It is cotton, so that will definitely change.
When I do baby blankets, I do them just large enough to be used in a car seat or stroller. I don't want to do anything gigantic so the baby can't tote it around later in life. I never had a blankie, but I know many people who are in their 20s or 30s and still have theirs. I want to help comfort these babies when they start to grow up.

The final tally for this blanket is TWO balls used. Out of the NINE that were purchased. Holy moly, I was hoping I'd use more! It will all get used! Even if I have to make a million dishcloths out of it!

In other exciting news, a pair of my earrings was featured in a treasury today! It's called Let's Go Purchase Something. I am hoping people will do that!
I have been working on some treasuries, myself. I am really hoping that this will help people notice me and my shop a little more. I've joined a couple teams, and I have already gotten a few hearts because of that.

I hope all is well for all of you! There are just a couple weeks until we leave for Iceland now. I am getting really excited now!

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  1. awe it looks awesome bella :)