Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two Steps Forward, Nine Steps Back

I won't sugar coat it, I have purchased more yarn. Nine more balls, to be precise. All of these are for a baby shower gift, so they will be used fairly quickly.
I don't want to post photos until I have given the gift to the recipient, because I am not sure if she follows my blog. The two colours are white and hot pink. This particular shade of pink is  my absolute favourite.
I have to start knitting the gift soon. The shower is in the middle of September, just after we come back from Iceland. Between now and the shower, I need to finish the gift, and get my Citron Shawl finished. The plan for that is to finish it up on the plane to Iceland, and have it ready to wear for the trip. That plan is not set in stone, but we shall see how it all works out.

1 comment:

  1. If it's going to be used right up for a gift, i don't think i'd even count it in my stash. ;) that said I frequently break my yarn diet. Great blog!