Monday, August 1, 2011

Self Portrait Monday: August 1, 2011

Holy flying time! I can't believe it's August. Only one short month until our Icelandic vacation!!!
But, between now and then, there is still much time.
Twenty-two dishcloths! That's how many I've made recently. I've tied in all the ends, now I just have to trim them.
About half of them are spoken for (between my Mom and Sarah) and the others will be for sale. I am still unsure about putting them in the Etsy shop. There are so many sellers that have them available, it will probably just a waste of a listing fee. I think I may just put them on the Facebook page, and they will be available for people local to me to purchase.
Since the last update, I have finished two dishcloths. One of them is the purple and white here, and the other is for my mom. That one finished up another skein. The purple is getting pretty low. One more cloth will finish it off, for sure.
I have also finished a few hats for LeeLee Hats. I think two more of those. I did finish one skein of brown with those. When I finally get to another knit club meeting, I will be donating even more yarn.
I am starting to realize how much yarn I have that I won't ever use, for whatever reason. I will donate it to this group so it can be used.

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