Thursday, November 24, 2011

Awesome Thursday: November 24, 2011

Today will be the first post in a weekly series of posts where I post about awesome things going on in my life. It is a bit of a spin on the Very Good Things posts I used to do. I will be starting to post more frequently, as I now have more time nearly every day.
Here goes:
  • I finally brought my items into Doin' The Louvre. Really hoping some of them sell.
  • I started a new, non-knitting project last night. I will have them available at my craft shows, and I will also be listing some in the Etsy shop. Photos are forthcoming.
  • I finally picked up a table for my knitting machines and craft shows. It will be the same table for now, but I am really excited.
  • I'm almost done an order for my mom. 
  • Room rearranging that is about to happen. Literally, I am finishing this post and going to do that with Rick. I will have an actual office space, and we will be getting a second desk in the future so we both have our own workspaces!
So much excitement here.
What's going on in your life that is awesome?

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