Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Tall Order

Sunday was the Market at The House. I had a table that my friend, Sue, was running for me as I had to work in the restaurant. I did really poorly, I am assuming because I couldn't be at my own table. No fault to Sue, who is an amazing jewelry maker, I blame it fully on not being able to talk to potential customers.

I am making some changes in the way my life is heading. I haven't been putting myself first for a long time, and I am suffering because of it. Not only have I been suffering, but so have the people I love. My relationships with many people are falling apart, and I can't stand it anymore.

In other, more exciting news, I have an order for one hat from a relative, and one from a friend. The friend might be ordering several more hats for his clothing line in the near future!! Fingers crossed for that!

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  1. Ii think not putting oneself first is a common issue, and one that isn't super easy to fix either. Glad to know you're going to take a stand for what you want in life. Good luck!