Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Knitting Machine, I Am

The last few days, I have been knitting more than usual. I've finished several hats, which is quite good. A friend may be buying some hats form me at a wholesale price for his clothing line. This could be amazing! His shirts sell quite well, and having my hats there would be great for both of us.
Once I get the "Okay" from him, I will be making two or three hats in each of a handful of colours. Another person will sew his custom tags on them as they are ordered from the store. I think this will be the best way for everyone involved. If I need hats, I will have them on hand and he won't have to worry about keeping a large amount of stock anywhere.

I've started using some of the yarn I received. The amount used so far has barely scratched the surface of what I have. There are about 4 large garbage bags full right now. I want to get that down to three before the New Year. That will include all the other yarn I have that isn't currently in my storage system. I guess this is a variation on my Knit The Stash challenge. Perhaps 2012 will be the stash busting year?

Lastly, I have added several items to my Etsy shop this past week. I am going to be photographing some scarves this week, hopefully. I want to have a good variety of items in the shop. I am not sure how many total items I should have, though. I don't like it when shops have more than about 8 pages of all different things for sale. I lose interest about halfway through.

What do you think is the ideal number of items in a shop?

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