Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Tiny Hat And Scarf

Here it is, the tiny hat and scarf set!
I have three sets like this in the shop right now, and I will try to have more after the shows on the weekend.
There are a few new items in the shop, a couple in each section, just about. I will be adding more as I have the chance. It can be tedious and time consuming to add all these items. I have been running out of adjectives to use to describe the new listings. Do you ever feel like that? There must be some rule somewhere that says you can only say the word "nice" or "purple" so many times in a day. I've tried using the thesaurus, but I am still stuck on the same words over and over again.

What do you to find better ways to describe your item?


  1. that is adorable.

    i know what you mean. I'm like, "green. Green. GREEN?" (Imagine that in different tones of voice)

  2. That set is really cute! I never list more than 2-3 items per week because writing the descriptions really burns me out, too. Honestly anymore I try to keep my listings as simple as possible. Although it might seem boring, I haven't found that people are interested in a lot of lengthy descriptions of things like the beads I use, the beadweaving techniques I use, etc.