Monday, November 14, 2011

Blogging Business Artisans

In the time I have been on Etsy, I have joined and left several teams. Whether it's because I am too busy to keep up with their requirements, or I just don't feel like I fit in with them, there is often something that just doesn't mesh well. Blogging Business Artisans seems to be the opposite. I applied to them, and was accepted just a few hours later.
There are some fantastic artisans on this team. With under 25 members, it's a nice small team, where I am sure we will all get to know each other very well.
Here are a couple of my favourite items from some of the shops:

This is Nelly Bunny, made by MissMillificent. I don't know what it is about these creepy dolls that I find so appealing, but I love them all! Truth be told, it was hard to pick just one photo to post on here. Athena has several other dolls available, and they are priced between $20 and $160. She ships worldwide, and you have the option to purchase shipping insurance. For a work of art like these, I'd be willing to pay a couple extra dollars.

I love seeing other knitters hand made goods all over Etsy. This is one of Nancy's knit pouches. All of her zipper pouches are knit by hand, and have a hand-sewn lining put it, and a zipper. I have been seeing a lot of this blue/turquoise colour around lately, so I had to pick this one. You can find the rest of her goodies at nfall2rt.
Another fun fact: I've been following her blog for a while, and it's how I heard of this wonderful team.

I will be sharing more items from the team in the near future.
Don't forget, I still have ad space available!


  1. Welcome to the team, Nicole! You've picked two great items to feature.

  2. Nicole, I agree that this is a great team! love the creative energy! Welcome! glad you are part of our team!

  3. Welcome to the team! I wondered how you found the team; it just shows that a bit of promotion can make a difference:)


  4. Thanks for the feature Nicole! I'm so glad you're on our team:)

  5. Welcome! We are a great team! BBA!! And I like that we are small, too!

  6. Welcome to the team! We love having a team where everyone is active and knows one another by name :)
    We're so glad to have you Nicole!

  7. Welcome to the team, Nicole! I know what you mean about joining and leaving a needs to be a good fit, and this team is a nice size, which allows everyone to get to know each other. Nice of you to post about some of the other BBA members, too.