Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awesome Thursday: February 16, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone! I'll just jump right into this weeks awesomeness

  • Rick finished painting my new knitting studio/entertainment room. I can't wait to move my knitting machines and all my yarn in there. It's going to be such a great space.
  • We've started packing slowly. We've moved a few things. Right now, we're just waiting for the drop ceiling to be put up in the studio so we can start moving things in there and not have to worry about having to work around it all.
  • I won an auction on TopHatter (more on this another time) and the item is on its way to me!
  • My giveaway is getting lots of entries. If you haven't commented yet, be sure to go do that! You can get one entry simply for leaving a comment and following the blog, something you're probably already doing!
  • I decided to keep one of the awesome neck warmers I posted about last Thursday. It's the first one I made, in my favourite mustard yellow colour. Since making this one, I think I've made 7 more? I'll post some photos over the weekend.
  • I've been working through my to do list, and I actually feel like I've accomplished some things this week.
  • I made some polymer clay shapes for earrings the other day. I can't wait to make these into earrings!
What sorts of awesome things have been going on in your lives lately?


  1. The polymer shapes sound like fun! I look forward to seeing those.

  2. I can't wait to see your new exciting!
    The earrings sound cool...wanna see those too :)