Saturday, February 11, 2012

Instagram Party, a New Neck Warmer, and Fun Apartment Stuff

Ok, maybe I'm a little late to the Instagram party, but better late than never, right? If you want to follow me, my name on there is knitnicoleknit. Leave a comment with your name so I can follow you!

I'm currently working on an awesome magenta neck warmer for an upcoming craft show. One week from today, I'm taking part in a fund raiser for a local woman with breast cancer. I have a pattern I made up that I am working on, and hopefully I'll be able to get at least five more neck warmers made this week. It's a pretty simple pattern, just a little time consuming. I've made three so far, all a little bit different. I want to get the pattern perfect so I can start streamlining my knitting line. I want to have between 5 and 10 core items in a couple types of yarn to make my knitting life easier.
In other news, Rick and I will likely be going to pick up primer and paint for our new place! We're moving into his old bedroom at his parents house. With that comes another former bedroom in the basement that will be my knitting studio (or sweatshop, if you prefer!) We are going to paint the walls a really nice almost-white, and have a lavender accent wall. We're also going to have a little kitchenette area that is going to be the same almost-white with an aqua accent wall. I'm actually excited to paint. The place we're at currently is "builder beige" with stark white trim. It's poorly painted, and just generally not very nice to look at. Now that we can choose the colours we want, I feel like I will be more relaxed and be more productive.
What is new and exciting with all of you?

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  1. Love the colors in your new neckwarmer!
    And how great that you'll have a studio space in your new place! Love the colors you're using :)