Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looking for Ball Winder and Swift Suggestions!

Hey everyone! I seem to have come down with a summer cold, or I have awesome allergies. If it's the latter, this will be the first time in, oh, about 10 years that I suffer from seasonal allergies. (I had a treatment done to eliminate my allergies, and I've hardly had problems since!) Anyway, I have some questions for you fine folks.
I am looking at getting a ball winder and swift. I am starting to knit with more yarns that are put up in hanks, and I think that having these tools would be useful. I know a swift would be the first of the two to get, but I am looking for suggestions for both. I don't have any knowledge on the matter, so I have no preferences in brands/materials/sizes/whatever other options these crazy things have. I would like for them to be available on amazon, as I have amassed a small fortune in amazon gift cards. But, I am not opposed to getting them elsewhere.
In short, ball winder and swift suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. You can get both at The ball winder is 19.99 and swift is 64.99. These are GREAT prices! A swift is useless without a ball winder in my opinion. I paid $15 for my winder and that was with a 50% off coupon at AC Moore. My swift I got from for half price at $50. They have since found a new manufacturer who is making them for them for less so they sell them for less. Their new regular price is $64.99. Hope this helps.