Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Apologies for My Apathy

First of all, the title of this post sounds like the name of a pop-punk or indie bands sophomore album.
Anyway, you may have noticed the lack of posting the past few weeks. Since starting my job, I haven't had much time or motivation for knitting, never mind blogging about it. I finished my shawl for my cousins wedding last week, wore it to the wedding yesterday, and now I just have to wait for photos so I can blog about it properly. Other than that shawl, until today, I haven't knit a thing in I don't know how long. I've been in a bit of a funk. I'm not sure if the funk is caused by the lack of knitting, or the lack of knitting is causing the funk. Either way, I want to get out of it. I have another store that is opening up in Windsor that wants a couple of my items. It's a higher end paperie and gift store, so I am trying to figure out exactly what to make for the owner. I'm hoping to get in there and check the place out the next time we go into Windsor.
I've also let many of the listings in my Etsy shop expire, and I haven't bothered renewing them. I don't have the energy to work on the shop, work at my job, and prepare items for the upcoming craft show season. I'm already thinking a few months into the future, so that I am not caught off guard when it comes time to start signing up for shows. I have a few loose plans for items to knit, and some yarn I want to use, it's just a matter of putting them all together. I really wish I had four hands so I could knit twice as fast.
I did knit a hat for LeeLee hats today. It's made of super bright, bulky yarn, and it's helped shake this down feeling a little bit. I want to start making more hats for them, as the donations go down in the warmer weather. I also started a cowl made of some Eco-Fil yarn. This yarn is 75% recycled cotton, and 25% acrylic. It's super smooth, and nice to work with.

How are all of you fine folks doing?

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