Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progress On The Green Scarf

Last week, I mentioned a scarf I'd started knitting with the Lanitium ex Machina yarn I won a while back. Yesterday, Rick and I drove to Windsor to pick up some car parts for his dad. I brought my knitting along so I could make some progress.
Even though I used a filter on Instagram, the colours in this are pretty accurate. It's a pretty simple pattern using YO and k2tog all the way through. Right now, it measures about 28 inches long and 6 inches wide. I know it will grow after blocking.
Speaking of blocking, I have a set of blocking wires and pins in my shopping cart on Amazon. I'm waiting to have enough in gift cards to order those and the few other things Rick and I are coveting. I was going to get some from KnitPicks with my next order, but the gift cards I collect will essentially make them free from Amazon! And free is my favourite price.
In other fun news, I'm in the process of reading the entirety of the KnitQuest and Tiny Owl Knits blogs. They make for good reading when working on this scarf, or one of the other two projects I have on the go. Are there any blogs you've read from beginning to end? I like to have something easy to read when knitting, and blogs seem to do the trick.

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  1. Hmn...reading while knitting? That's not something I do that often- lol. Usually it's TV for me- can't keep my focus! That scarf is really lovely- I like the airiness of it.