Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome Thursday: July 5, 2012

Every Thursday, I post about the wonderful things going on in my life over the week prior. Here is what is happening with me lately:

  • I love my job! No joke, nearly every morning, I am practically skipping down the stairs to go to work.
  • Winston's ears are practically fully healed! He still has a little bit of scabbing on both of them, but they look great!
  • I'm still working on my shawl for my cousins wedding, and it's coming along nicely. I haven't taken a single photo of it yet, this will change soon. I'm thinking of putting it on the super long cable from my interchangeable needles, so I can see it full sized. I'm really hoping I can get this done soon. There's nothing like a deadline breathing down my neck to make me want to get to work on it. I've only been able to do a couple rows a day, and I figure I need to do 4-5 or more everyday to make sure it gets done with time to wash and block it and have it dry.
  • Rick and I went to the mall the other day, and I got myself a couple pairs of shorts for work for a great price. We also got him a couple cardigans at H&M for a steal. I don't shop for clothes and such often, but when I do, a deal must be had.
How are all of you?

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