Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awesome Thursday: September 27, 2012

The work week is almost through! I have tomorrow off, so I'm pretty happy. This past week has been pretty good to me.
In case you're a new reader, every Thursday, I post about the awesome things that have happened in the week prior. There have been studies done that say showing gratitude leads to one having a happier life. I'm not one to doubt science!
  • I had my mediocre craft show. It wasn't awesome, that's for sure, but it was definitely an experience. I can't wait to work with those ladies again.
  • I went out with my coworkers Saturday night for some drinks. We all had a great time. It was nice seeing them outside of work.
  • The owner of the store I consign at in Wisconsin is sending me mail! I can't wait to see what she has for me!
  • I watched the season premiere of 2 Broke Girls. I absolutely LOVE that show!
  • I named a wild mouse Dragonfruit. There is a whole story around this, that I won't go into, haha.
  • I got loads of entries into my giveaway! I drew the winners yesterday. I can't wait to send them their prizes!
  • I've entered a whole bunch of giveaways on other blogs, and I'm hoping to have another one of those winning sprees I had a little while back.
  • I put a few more listings up in my Shop yesterday. I really want to sell some items to make room in my storage area for the new items I've been making.
Tomorrow, I will hopefully be getting some photographs of my recently made items. Hopefully the weather cooperates! I'm crossing my fingers.
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