Monday, October 1, 2012

Want To Know What's Not Very Fun?

There are a lot of things in life that are not a lot of fun. Getting teeth pulled, waxing, getting in a car accident and losing your favourite knitting needles. Well, another not fun thing is bringing a rambunctious German Shepherd puppy on a walk, when she hasn't been on one in a couple weeks. This little girl is Whitney, my in-laws dog. She's going to be a year old at the end of winter. She is incredibly excitable, and loves to pull when she's on a walk. Rick's mom, Cindy, was about to have her arms ripped out of her sockets on our walk tonight, so we swapped leashes: I took Whitney, and she took Winston. Now, Winston is far from a perfect dog: he pulls and darts back and forth as much as any dog, but he listens a little better than Whitney. In the end, it was a good decision. We managed to get our walk in for the night, all our arms stayed attached, and the dogs were worn out. Really, I love taking the dogs for walks. Where we live is wonderful. There are a lot of really neat animals that run through the area where we go on our walks. I've seen deer, all kinds of birds, bunnies, and I think I saw a fox once. None of these are really rare, or particularly interesting, but for a girl like me who grew up in an area with hardly as much as feral cats, it's really awesome.
We're both trying to get back into some sort of shape that isn't quite so round. Walking/running is where we start. I'm trying to motivate myself to stop eating so much crap, and get moving. If I could just convince myself that the knitting will be there when I get back from my run, I'd be set.
Does anyone want to motivate me? I will return the favour!
(Also, look how cute Winston is, waiting for the walk. What you don't know is that it took 6 tries to get a decent photo)

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