Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some New Toys

Yesterday, Rick and I made another trip into Windsor. This time, for me! I wanted to visit Knit One Sew Too again before the sale was over. Her ENTIRE inventory was at least 20% off for the past couple weeks, and I know I needed to take advantage of it again.
I've been wanting to get a ball winder and swift for quite a while now, and the sale seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. I picked up a Royal ball winder, and a KnitPicks swift, based on suggestions from a few knitters I know. Initially, I was just going to get the swift, but decided to get both in the end. I knew I could do without, but I just LOVE the way little yarn cakes look all lined up together. I was thinking about winding some of my commercial yarn into cakes just because they're so cute! Kind of a silly reason to spend another $50, but hey, another investment in myself and this business.
I am now officially on a stash diet, and I will have to reopen my Etsy shop soon to pay for my recent splurges. After my KnitPicks needles, and these two new toys, I think I'm set for a little while. The only thing left to get is blocking wires, which I will be getting for free (or very close to it, darn shipping costs!) from Amazon. I also have a couple new shops to knit for. One of them is pretty much a for sure, and the other is a maybe. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. Yay, congrats on your new picks! And...on those shops! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the one.