Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kingsville Migration Festival Craft Show Recap

Saturday and Sunday, I did a craft show at Kingsville High School. I did the same show last year, and said I wouldn't do it again. I really should have stuck to that, as this year was pretty terrible. There weren't nearly as many people coming through, and the ones that were seemed to just be there to look, and not buy. I had a lot of people stopping by my booth, take a quick glance, and walk away. I barely had time to say hello before they took off. Many of the ones that did stick around weren't the most polite people, either. I had a couple ladies pick up some of my more complex knitting, and inspect it, as if to figure out how I made it. I even had one gutsy lady ask me what pattern I used for one of my shawls. I said I don't use patterns, and she asked for instructions how to make it, so she could make her own. Nice try lady. My items are my own pattern, and I don't want to share, especially not when you ask me rudely.
I did sell a few pairs of earrings on the Saturday, and a scarf and hat on Sunday. I barely covered the cost of my booth. In the end, I lost money. Not to mention, I could have spent less time at work, those two days, and made way more money.
I'm definitely not doing this show again next year. Please hold me to it.
Really hoping my next two shows go better.
What do you do to recover from a failed craft show? I'm pretty bummed out.


  1. :-(
    I'm sorry to hear your experience didn't go well. I'be never done a craft show for that very reason. But your booth looks very pretty! I would attribute your low sales to the location and people coming through, and not feel so bummed out. Next time do an outdoor show so they have to buy knitwear!! ;-)

  2. Yeah, any show can have ONE bad run...but two in a row doesn't bode well for the future of that particular venue. :(

    I hope you've recovered a bit by now - it's always discouraging, but keep your chin up! I always just told myself that these fairs weren't like apples - ONE bad one didn't spoil the whole BARREL. ;-)