Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweens of Old

Growing up in the city, Halloween meant trick or treating through the subdivision near my house until late at night. When I was really young, it was my Dad bringing my brother and I from house to house, first on the outside of the O-shaped subdivision, then the inside. We always had our pillow cases ready, because these folks were more than generous with their handfuls of candy. It was always a treat looking through our loot at the end of the night. Very few gave out the crappy off-brand candy. It was the real deal, Reeses, Kit Kats, Doritos, the list goes on.pensive bunny
Now that I'm older, trick or treating is a thing of the past. Last year, I worked on halloween, and got in the spirit with my last minute bunny ears and tail. Mini costumes like this are the most work friendly, so I have a set of angel wings and a halo, from when I was about 7, and devil horns and a tail to mix it up. Most people around here go out to the bars in full costume and get pretty tipsy. While I like to drink, I don't enjoy going downtown in my city to the bar strip.
I miss the simplicity of holidays when I was young. I took it for granted then.

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