Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Update: February 25, 2013

Only 10 months till Christmas! Sorry, I had to. This week, I've been pretty productive as far as knitting goes. I already shared a few of the items I've made, but I've done several more.
I've been knitting away on head band/ear warmers/whatever you want to call them. They're super simple, and I've been using up scraps with them.
The first photo is of a really pretty grey one I'm considering keeping for myself. It's Wool Ease T&Q, and super cozy. It finished off a small ball I had floating around in my stash.
The blue one in the second photo is a custom order. It's pretty much the one that started this whole thing. A lovely lady that's bought some items from me at other shows emailed me and asked if I knit tis style of head band, and I said I was working on some for next year, but I'd do one for her if she'd like. She enthusiastically said yes, and that got the ball rolling. The burgundy looking one at the bottom is actually the Fig colourway of T&Q, and left overs from the neck warmer I did recently. Another ball of yarn eliminated!
Finally, the pretty orange one. I have loads of this colour of yarn, so I'll probably be making more of the same.
Overall, I'm down another two balls of yarn, which brings me to +11. I'm getting there. I'll be bringing lots of little odds and ends to my parents this week, and hopefully get a bunch of it used up.
How was your weekend?

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