Friday, February 22, 2013

My Week in Instagrams: February 22, 2013

I can't believe this is the last Friday of February. This year is whipping by. This past week, I've been pretty productive as far as knitting goes. I've eliminated a few skeins, which made me happy. I also made a small dent in a few other skeins, so they're going to be finished up quicker. Anyway, this is what I've been up to this week, according to Instagram.
This is the cowl I mentioned last week. It used almost a whole skein of Wool Ease Thick and Quick, but not enough to call it finished. I'm going to find a project to use all the partial skeins of T&Q that I'm sure I'll have soon enough.
Winston and I were goofing around, and sometimes I pick him up and throw him over my shoulder like a baby. A 55 pound baby. Rick took this photo, and I loved it.
I love white hot chocolates from Tim Hortons, but they're never full to the top. They're kind of frothy, I guess. Still tasty, and I will continue drinking them forever.
I was knitting with The Knit Girllls and Numma Numma. This cowl is another one I finished this week. More about it a little later. I love knitting and watching podcasts. If you haven't watched The Knit Girllls, I strongly suggest it. It's really entertaining.
I sold a pair of tiny flower earrings to someone in Texas. I couldn't find the ones that were actually in the shop, so I had to make them. I have to get more metal earrings made for my upcoming shows.
I dug this skein of Moda Dea Tutu out of my stash. It's been in there for about 6 years, waiting for the perfect project. It's the accent on a little project that I neglected to photograph, because it's not sewn up yet. I'll hopefully have that up some time next week.
All these wonderful vegetables that Rick is washing/peeling became some amazing Moroccan lamb stew. No recipe for this, because he mostly wings it. It was served over Israeli couscous, which was a really good pairing. There is still quite a bit left, I'll probably have that for dinner tonight.
I set myself up to make some more earrings the other day. I finally got around to making a few pairs today. I need need need to make more. I have the craft show next week, and my stock is running really low.
Rick also made a quinoa salad to have with the stew. I could eat this stuff every single day. There's quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, a red onion, corn and the seasonings. Once again, no recipe unfortunately. I should get him to write things down.
This is most of what I've been knitting this week. First up is a creamy coloured lace neck warmer. It's my usual pattern, and I think it looks awesome. I still have enough yarn left to make something else, I just have to decide what I'll be doing.
This is the same neck warmer I was knitting with The Knit Girllls. I was hoping to finish off all three of the colours, but only managed to get two eliminated. That means I'm at +13 for my stash down so far. Only 63 more skeins to eliminate by the end of the year! I'm sure I can do it. I do have more yarn coming to me though. I'd better get cracking.
This is my new favourite neck warmer. It's almost the same pattern as the other lace neck warmers, but it wraps three times instead of two. I've had a couple people ask for longer ones, so I'm trying out a few to see if they'll actually sell.

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