Friday, February 1, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: February 1, 2013

This past week has been a fun one. I worked a few shifts which were alright. It was also Rick's birthday on the 30th, so we did some fun stuff for that.
-Lately, people have been bringing in LOADS of empties. We always get them, but for a little while, we were getting an abnormally high number of them. This is a photo of one of the bins we collect wine and liquor bottles in. They're sorted into two bins, one clear, one mixed. I take a sick satisfaction in slamming the bottles into the bin, and making them bust into a million pieces. There is a cover over top so glass shards don't come flying out, don't worry. (I took the cover off for this photo)
-One day, I think it may have been Sunday, my coworkers and I each got a hot drink from Tim Horton's and our cup height relation matched up with our heights. I was way more amused about this than I should have been. It's really nice having a Timmy's right across the street from work.
-I wound a couple skeins of handspun into cakes. I got this yarn at Art in the Park two years ago. I started making a shawl, but I really didn't like how it was working up. I think I'm going to knit this into a shawl of a different design. The initial one was centre-out/top down. I cast on something like 4 stitches and was increasing every other row, and it was a boring triangle. I'm probably going to do it side to side like the Baktus. I like the way these ones fit more like a scarf, rather than a shawl. Rick's mom has a kitchen scale, so I'll definitely be using that to weigh the yarns and make sure I get the most out of my yardage.
-These neck warmers are something I'm particularly proud of. I finished all of these since the start of the new year. Normally, I'm more productive, and I can knit one of these in two days, but I've been working on other smaller projects in between. I'm still loving this slightly lacy pattern. I hope to sell a couple of these at the craft show tomorrow. I think I have enough stock to fill up my display racks again. This has been stressing me out for a little while. I sold so much at my shows pre-Christmas that things were looking a little sparse. We'll see how it goes!
-This is what remained from a skein after I finished some cuffs (more on this soon!) and I counted it as eliminated. I think there's less than three yards here. I wasn't considering skeins eliminated unless they were seriously gone then I realized that's not really realistic. I always have something left over no matter what I do. I'm going to donate the little bits like this to LeeLee hats for tying the tags onto the hats. Or, and this is somewhat unlikely, I have an idea that will use even the tiniest pieces.
-I spent some time this week making earrings. I got supplies a while back, and I'm finally getting around to using them. I'm running low on posts, so I'll probably need to order some of those pretty soon. I'm also looking for more unique flowers and such to use to make the earrings. I've contacted a couple Etsy sellers, and I have a few ideas, it's just a matter of having the money in my Paypal account to purchase them. I'm trying to not add any money to my account. Anything I earn from Etsy is fair game for purchasing supplies.
-Last night, Rick and I went into Windsor for a Broken City Lab event. They had a call for submissions for their Regret/Resolve project, and I sent mine in. They chose my resolution (the one shown in the photo) to be printed onto two shirts: one for the show, and one for me. The whole project was great. The idea was that people could submit regrets or resolutions they had, many of them relating to the city of Windsor, which could be chosen and printed. It's a really neat idea, and there were some great submissions. It took me a while to find my shirt up on the wall, because there were so many people jammed into a small space. Rick pointed it out to me, and I snapped a quick photo. I resolved to create more. I want to be self employed, and this can only be done by creating more than I do now. Yes, there are other things I need to do, but creating is the only way all those other things can happen.
After BCL, Rick brought me to Pho Xic Lo. This was one of our favourite restaurants when we lived in Windsor, and we knew we had to make a stop.
How has your week been?

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