Monday, March 14, 2011

Self portrait Monday: March 14, 2011

Today, I kind of feel like garbage. I spent the night at my parents house last night, and slept in a fairly cold bedroom in the basement, so I am thinking that has something to do with it. Sinus pressure, stomach ache, and an awful headache that hasn't been alleviated with medication. I'm just going to have to deal with it, I guess.
I went to a charity hockey game last night and that was so much fun. I saw so many of my old coworkers, and caught up with a lot of them. One of the girls that I worked with drove me to my parents, where I pretty much crashed right away. I read a few blog posts and such in my RSS reader, and then went right to bed. I got to sleep in a bit, which was nice.
I went to see some of my relatives with my mom after we picked up a few groceries and some things for Winston. We were going to stop at a yarn store that moved to a new location, but they are closed on Monday's. I'll have to try to get there sometime during the week soon. I've been to their old location a few times, and they have really nice stuff, and usually really good prices.
I am going to keep working on the baby hats and try to get 50 done this month. I am getting pretty close, and I still have a lot of yarn to use up. I really hope to get to Zellers or Michael's to buy some inexpensive baby yarn to make more hats. I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of all the yarn before I moved. It would be perfect for these hats. On the bright side, one of the women I gave yarn to knits for this group, so I know some of the yarn is going to be used for this cause.

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