Monday, March 21, 2011

Self portrait Monday: March 21, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone! I've been up for a few hours now, and my day is going incredibly well. I made an awesome breakfast wrap, and took Winston for a short walk.
I've been working on dishcloths the past few days. There is a chance I will have a table at an upcoming craft show, just before Mother's Day, and I need some seasonally appropriate things to sell. The sale is going to be on a weekend, and since I work weekends, I am going to try to have Rick or someone else sell my things for me. I want to have a couple dozen dishcloths, and hopefully have my earrings ready to go as well. I want to figure out some sort of interesting packaging for the earrings. So far, all I have is a little plastic zipper bag.
Rick and I have been watching Better Off Ted on Netflix lately. We're about half way through the first season, and I am really enjoying it. I am still working my way through season 6 of House. I'm about halfway finished. I'll probably go back to a season of Big Bang Theory after House, and then find a new show. Nexflix and downloading older episodes of television shows has been great at boosting my knitting output. It's way more mindless than reading knitting blogs. I have been saving those for when I need to find inspiration for new knitted items.
Friday the 18th, I went out for lunch with the woman that organizes LeeLee Hats so I could give her my donation. I ended up with exactly 30 hats. I am going to continue making hats for the group over the next few months. I am also working at getting yarn and other crafting supplies donated to the group. My mom knows quite a few people, and she is talking to a lot of them, as well. I have a personal goal of donating 100 hats, and enough material to donate to fill at least two large garbage bags. As it's looking now, the second part of that goal will be met very soon.

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