Friday, March 25, 2011

I Have Sold my First Item On Etsy!

Within four hours of listing my first 12 items, I sold a pair of earrings! These red buttons are my favourite pair that I've made so far. I was tempted to keep them for myself. I may have to keep a pair I make out of the matching pink buttons that I have waiting.
A lovely young lady from New York purchased these after seeing them come up in the search results. I find this really encouraging. These earrings stood out enough for her to want to buy them, without any sort of advertising or promotion.
I am going to list a few more pairs at some point today. I will also be photographing some smaller knitted items in a couple days to post, as well. I still need to pick up shipping supplies, so I am ready if I get any more orders in the next little while.

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