Sunday, January 15, 2012

A LeeLee Hats Donation

Yesterday, Tracy from LeeLee Hats and I taught a group of Brownies how to use knitting looms. That was an adventure, let me tell you. At their age, between 6 and 9 years old, many of them don't have the attention span to make one of the hats. In the end, we had to restart most of the hats. We said we'd bring them back today for a group photo, so it was a mad hustle last night fixing them all up.
This was what was next to me for most of the night. We went assembly line style for the most part. I undid all that needed undoing and wrapped all the yarn into balls to keep them from tangling. Then I made all the hats. That's where this pile comes from. Believe it or not, this is only about halfway through. Tracy and her sister Kim kept making more hats when I started sewing the hats up.
Once they were all sewn up, I counted how many I had made from the beginning, and I was really surprised to see twelve whole hats. In just a few hours! We are definitely considering making hats like this more often.
I'm really happy with the progress I've made on my 101 project. In addition to these 12, I made another three at home in the last couple days.


  1. Um yea, knitting with little ones is crazy! I sponsored a knitting club for 5th graders when I was teaching, and sometimes the mess of tangle that they would hand you to fix was just too much! And then to go younger- oy vey! Feel your pain. I also used to teach a stitching lesson in 1st that was mostly "how to tie knots," "how to undo knots," and "how to prevent knots" small groups. I always wanted to take a break in the middle of the lesson just to go scream in the bathroom. LOL!