Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Magic!

HappyMonday, everyone! I am starting a new weekly post on my blog that I am calling Monday Magic! (I have a thing for alliteration) I will be posting a few things every Monday that have caught my eye in the week prior. They might be Etsy items, YouTube videos, blog posts or something else entirely! Stay tuned for some awesome stuff!
This gorgeous cuff from WillOaks Studio is absolutely amazing! I love the colour combination. I think it would look lovely with just dark jeans and a t-shirt. It's available in several other colours, as well.

These are so cool. They're egg shaped planters made of porcelain, made by EcoElements. They come with wheat grass seeds if you're within the US, or you can get them without seeds (at a discount!) if you're international. They would be awesome on the table at a wedding for name place cards. I think they'd look especially cute with herbs growing in them, too.

I redeemed another $5 gift card from I've made around $150 in amazon money from SwagBucks so far. I do have a referral code linked in the image, so if you are interested in signing up (you can also redeem for PayPal!!) it would be appreciated if you use my code :D

Today is also my boyfriend, Richard's 30th birthday!


  1. I've also been a follower of Will Oaks Studio for quite some time and agree- that's such a gorgeous piece! Love those eggs too:)

  2. Happy birthday to your boyfriend! WillOaksStudio is one of my favorites.