Saturday, January 21, 2012

One of My New Projects!

Lately, I've been thinking more and more about the need to diversify my crafting repertoire to sell at craft shows and in my Etsy shop. As much as I love knitting, I don't sell much between the end of January, until September or October. That just won't do when I have bills to pay. I thought about doing summery, non-clothing knits, but I just couldn't get into the few different items I tried. So, I tried a few completely different things.
I started with the earrings. I bought loads of supplies over a year ago, and I am still working through that stash. This basket is only a portion of those available at Trinkets, Treasures and The Truly Unique. I really enjoy making earrings. It can be a little tedious, but I can listen to podcasts while I do it.

At the beginning of January, I bought a heart shaped paper punch from the scrap booking section at Michael's. I am very, very rarely in that part of the store; I usually just beeline to the back where the yarn is. I've seen several Etsy shops selling different themed garlands and buntings, and I absolutely love them. I wish I had a place in my apartment where I could display a whole pile of them. Or, a few at a time, and rotate them with the seasons and holidays. (the next place we move, I want to have my own office/crafting space that I can decorate how I want, and I would definitely have garland/bunting) I decided I would try my hand making garlands, starting with a Valentine theme. I punched and punched and punched hearts in pink and red, and also from the pages of a trashy romance novel. I combined them in a few different ways, varying the space between the hearts, as well as the order of the colours. I sewed them up on Rick's sewing machine in a fun couple hours. I brought all of them into the shop last week. I was just tagged in this photo on Facebook, because the garlands are on display in the window. It's not the greatest photo, but it definitely does the job of showing them off. Once I sell a few of these, I plan on getting a few other punch shapes and do them for other holidays.
Have you diversified lately? I know a few of you are more seasonal crafters, what do you do in the off season?


  1. I think that I remain a yarn-o-holic regardless of the season, but I do cook more and make preserves and things when the weather changes over. I'm happily working on warm woolies at the moment though.

  2. I'm starting to get into greeting cards and other paper goods (bookmarks, gift tags, etc.). There are simply too many jewelry vendors at every craft show, and I think that it will help me to offer a different kind of product. I'm also expanding my craft fair lines to include button rings, button hair pins, and glass magnets for 2012.

  3. Nicole, I think it is great to diversify especially if you are a seasonal seller. I have thought about making bunting--the kids always claim what I make as their own!

    Best of luck.

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  4. Gosh, I'm with you there! I was just informed over the weekend by a trusted friend that she wouldn't buy a bag of mine because they say "winter". I totally see that...and I always have, but I'm currently brainstorming ways to bring some new materials into the work and make the line a bit lighter.'s a never ending process, but a must for every knitter!