Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome back, Nancy!

Nancy of nfall2rt is back again this month! Let's see what she's been up to.

How were your holidays? Did you do/see/taste anything awesome?
We traveled to my in-law's house in Georgia for the holidays. The trip was long (we drove the 12 hours) but very fun. It was great to see my hubby to be's parents again. We don't see them that often! His sister, who just had her second child, also lives there. I got to go to the hospital to see the baby who was premature and was not "freed" until a few days after we got home. It was also fun playing with their 3 year old who I hadn't yet met! Mr. M & I love cooking, so we made the holiday meal- prime rib with au jus, twice baked potatoes, and veggies.
Sounds yummy!

Any New Year's Resolutions?
I do not like to make resolutions as they usually fizzle, but I like to encourage myself to continue trying new things and improving in areas that I already do or love. I will continue to hike at least once a month, keep up with my other health and fitness routines, and at some point, I'd like to buy a pomegranate and learn how to eat it (stupid, yes, but still new to me).
Staying healthy is a great goal. I'm working on that, myself. Also, pomegranates are delicious! There are lots of youtube videos to help you with this one.

What do you want the most for your business this year?
This is one area of my life where I whole-heartedly embrace goals. At the top of the list for this year is to increase income and localize my business through getting my work into a brick and mortar shop and participating in more craft shows.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Easy! This year I will get married! Mr. M & I decided we didn't want a normal church wedding. After discussing exactly what we want out of it, we've decided to take our wedding out to sea: we'll be going on a cruise with close family and friends.
That sounds lovely! I can't wait to see photos and read all about it.

What is your current favourite blog?
There's a few fantastic blogs out there. But my favorite hands down was created by a girl I went to art school with: Riding Bareback Beside A Train. It's brave. It's honest. It's artful. It's the most seriously written work of dedicated love I've ever seen. Some posts make me cry- others laugh, but every single post makes me long to consider the art in everything I do.

Thanks so much for being a Knit, Nicole, Knit! sponsor!
Thanks so much for having me and I hope that you have had a lovely new year and Christmas!

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  1. Great interview! I can't wait to see what all 2012 holds for Nancy :) And I can't wait to see those wedding photos!