Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awesome Thursday: May 24, 2012

Happy Thursday! Every week, I share some great things going on in my life. Studies have shown that grateful people can increase their overall happiness.

  • I received my shoes yesterday! I won a giveaway from The Dainty Squid, and B.A.I.T. They're super cute, and they fit pretty well. Now, I just have to figure out an outfit to wear them with! If you click the image, you will be taken to their website. If you're interested in these, they are the MIKA in bright pink.
  • I went to an Apple Store yesterday for the very first time! Rick needed to get his phone fixed, so our friend drove there, and I tagged along. It was pretty neat.
  • I had Chipotle for the first time, yesterday. My burrito was almost the size of my head, but it was really, really good.
  • I got my bike back from my parents. My mom brought it to work with her, Rick drove me there, and I biked back. My legs were definitely sore/tired after the ride. I can't wait to go back out and ride some more! I think I might go out tonight.
  • My Findley Dappled shawl is coming along nicely. I started on another shawl, this one of my own design. I'm using the yarn from my failed Colonnade shawl.
  • I have a lot of ideas about the future of my knitwear. I haven't done very well with sales lately, and I am trying to figure out how to remedy that. One idea has been sticking out for a while, and I think I am going to have to take it and run.
  • The pool was opened last weekend! I went swimming a couple times already. I am hoping to swim almost daily (more like nightly) this summer. I burn like toast, so I will probably wait until the sun starts going down to swim.
Overall, this past week was wonderful! I am going to watch Deadliest Catch and get some knitting done! I hope all of you are doing fantastic.

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  1. Chipotle and the Apple Store! That's a lot of firsts in one day :)