Friday, November 9, 2012

Day Number Nine of NaBloPoMo

It's Friday! That doesn't mean much for me, because I work today and tomorrow. I do have Sunday off work, though. I wasn't really feeling writing this post when I first started it this morning. My idea well is starting to run dry, and I don't want these posts to be contrived, as I mentioned before. I haven't really had a whole lot of knitting time, so there isn't much to update about in that department. And with work, I don't have time to gallivant around and do fun stuff everyday.

Onto today's fun facts!
28. I very rarely get sick. When I was young (like under 4 years old) I used to be sick all.the.time. I obviously don't remember this, but my mom does. Since then, I don't get sick all that often. I can't even remember the last time I had so much as a cold. I don't have any secrets to how I don't catch things that are going around. It's not like I wash my hands obsessively, seclude myself from people who are sick, or anything like that. I'm just lucky, I guess.
29. I've been on a plane exactly three times. When I was about 12, I went to the local hobby airplane hangar with my Pathfinder group for an open house they were having. (Pathfinders are an older group of Girl Guides: the Canadian version of Girl Scouts) With this event, all of the attendees could go up in a plane with one of the pilots. When my turn came up, I was matched with a really nice guy and his yellow, two seater Cessna. It was small. So small that he had to take his shoes off to be able to reach the foot controls. We flew around the county, and were up in the air for about 30 minutes, maybe a little longer. In that time, I flew the plane for about 5 minutes, and it was amazing!
The second and third times I was on a plane was going to and from Iceland. These flights were mostly uneventful. On the way there, we flew overnight, so most people slept. The way back, we flew over Greenland, which was pretty awesome.
30. The farthest I've ever been from home is Iceland. I've never been farther south than the middle of Ohio. So that means unlike a lot of people, I've never been to Florida, Mexico or elsewhere around the Gulf of Mexico. And honestly? I really don't think I'm missing out on much. I don't care what your opinion on that area is, it's not for me. I don't do well with heat, I don't like having sand all over me, and I don't like being surrounded by a million tourists.
31. I used to go camping all the time with my family. We'd pack up our truck and trailer, and head out on the open road. We've been all around Ontario, through Quebec, and across the maritimes (except for Newfoundland, unfortunately) And those camping trips were some of the greatest trips I'd ever had. I'm much happier to have seen that much of Canada, than any other country where I have to stay on the resort or risk being attacked.

Work wasn't too bad tonight. I had an eight hour, which hasn't happened in a little while. I wasn't working on empties, which was a nice change. Being that I'm the lowest in seniority, I'm nearly always doing returns. Nothing too eventful happened tonight. There were a lot of young people coming in, so I had to ID a whole bunch of them. Only one girl gave me a problem. All I could say was "Take it as a compliment, and give me your ID, or get out of my store." She had only turned 19 a couple months ago. Sorry, but you don't magically look old enough as soon as your birthday passes. We ID anyone that looks under 25, and most people, females especially, take it as a compliment. I'm working six hours tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Nearly the whole crew is in, so it should be a good time.

Right #knit #bracelets finished! So happy! #knitnicoleknit #365I am so happy with today's 365 photo. I told myself I wanted to have at least 10 bracelets made for the Made in Windsor show, and I am almost there, with nearly a week to go! My new quota is going to be two of each colour: one of each size. The filter on this photo makes the colours look a lot more saturated than they are really, but it's pretty close. The top row all wrap four times, and are $12. The bottom row wrap thrice, and are $10. My pricing is basically going to be $6 for the first wrap, and $2 for every wrap after that. So if there is a colour you want, in a specific number of wraps, let me know, and I can get making that for you!

It's now almost midnight, and I'm eating a bowl of sausage soup, that has no sausage in it. Dinner was at around 4, so I was a bit on the hungry side. This isn't really hitting the spot.

Short post tonight, but I didn't have much to say. I'll be back tomorrow!

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