Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Third of the Way There! Day Ten of NaBloPoMo

Honestly, I am pretty surprised I've made it this far. I've made attempts at 101 in 1001 lists two separate times, and never gotten very far into them. Maybe because this isn't as long, and doesn't involve as many goals? I don't know, but I'm really happy that I'm still sticking with this. I'm just about a day behind in word count, but I'm sure I can make that up in the next few days.

I woke up around 9:30 today, and hopped on the computer pretty much immediately. My queues for my I Love Etsy! blog and my personal tumblr were getting dangerously low, so I had to stock them up again. I try to have at least three or four days of posts ready to go at any time. Both of them had reached one day or less. I added a whole bunch of posts to the YarnYarnYarnYarn queue as well. I really enjoy sharing the cool things I find on these tumblrs. I really enjoy the tumblr blogging platform as a whole. The social aspect of it is really cool.

Yesterday, I posted the photo of all the bracelets I'd made. Since then, I've finished a couple more. These bracelets whip up so quickly, it's great. I'm sure I'll reach, if not surpass, my new goal of 16 bracelets. The only ones I have left to do are the shorter, three wrap ones, so they go even faster. I'm thinking about making one up that is either or more wraps, just to show people what it looks like, so they can possibly order one in the colour of their choice at a long length like that. What colour bracelets would you like to see? I'm trying to get as much variety as possible.

In addition to the Made in Windsor show I have coming up next Friday and Saturday, I've signed up for a show on the Sunday. It will be at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. They're doing a show every Sunday between November 18 and December 30, from 12:00-5:00 each day. I'm going to do the first one, and see how it goes. If I do well, I will sign up for as many as I possibly can. It will be nice to have something weekly (or close to it) to look forward to. Plus, since I don't work most Sundays anyway, I'll hopefully be making some money, too!

The other night, I was on Tophatter, in the Supplies auction room, which is always trouble for me. I've purchased a lot of my earring supplies through there, and I may have... accidentally... yeah, let's go with accidentally, bought a whole bunch more. One of my favourite suppliers had a few auctions in the Standby area, with a pretty low starting bid. I decided to place that bid on a few of her lots, and I hoped to win one of them at that price. The first one came to auction, and the price went more than double the starting bid. Fine, okay, I still have bids on a couple more. I expected the same to happen with all of them, so I just left the auction, and continued writing my blog post for the night. When you bid on an item in Standby, that bid is automatically applied, whether you're present at the auction or not. I checked my email a couple hours later, almost having forgotten about the auction, and to my surprise, I won three of the six auctions I bid on! I was ecstatic! I really wanted to get more earring supplies so that I could bring more finished pairs to stores that are selling my stuff, but I just didn't feel like I had enough made to do so. I now have enough for probably 350 pairs! I have plenty of posts and backs that I ordered a while back, so once I get these, I will likely spend a few days assembling them, another couple packaging, and then we're off to the races! I love making earrings, and they sell well, so it's a win-win for me!

Steel toes and empties. A slow night at work. #365
I worked six hours this evening. It wasn't super busy, but busy enough that the time still passed at a reasonable speed. There were a few issues with our tills suddenly deciding to stop working, which caused some problems. Then, they started working, and our debit machines went down. We couldn't win! This happens far too often. We're supposed to be getting a whole new computer and POS system (NOT piece of shit, it's point of sale) in the new year, and that can't come soon enough. At least the guys I was working with were having fun. It really drags on if people are miserable. Any time I go into work in a grumpy mood, I try to get out of my funk, before I bum out anyone else. I really hate going into work in a good mood, and then some turd ball spoiling it for me. And I don't want to be that kind of turd ball.

Here are today's fun facts.

32. I'm incredibly clumsy. The most recent example of this is that this past Wednesday, when Rick and I stopped at the antiques store, I left, and was looking around, rather than where I was going, and I fell off the raised sidewalk, and twisted my ankle. It still hurts today. I've also stubbed my toes multiple times, and broken them a few times. A couple weeks ago, I fell UP the stairs, and I think I broke my toe. It still hurts now, nearly a month later. Tripped over a door once, and broke my arm. Yes, tripped over a door. It's unbelievable, until you meet me.

33. I'm very lazy. This one is kind of hard to admit, but it's very true. I don't like to clean, I don't like to work out, I don't like to do much of anything but knit, read blogs, and hang out with Rick and Winston. I'm trying to get into better habits of cleaning up after myself, and working out regularly, but it's fricken tough to start new habits. Apparently, it takes 30 days, or something like that, for a new habit to stick. I get lazy halfway through and lose all the ground I gained. I need to fix this. As soon as I am done writing this, I'm going to work out. I don't care if it's only for 15 minutes, I have to do something!

34. I moved out of my parents house when I was 20. I blogged about this when it was happening, but I'm not sure if my age was apparent. A lot of people told me that was too young to move out, but it was time. I had a good apartment, for a great price, fall into my lap, and I had a hard time saying no. I met Rick shortly after, and this relationship wouldn't have happened if I still lived with my parents, I'm sure of it. Since then, I've moved twice, which is completely bizarre, because I'd lived in the same house since I was a baby.

35. I often have the sense of humour of an eleven year old boy. Seriously... Lowbrow humour and I get along really well. In fact, I just had a conversation with two friends about farting, and laughed my ass off. I'm also a fan of the whole "That's what she said" line. I've almost ALMOST said it to customers at work, and had to bite my tongue. I don't think middle aged Mennonite men (the majority of our customers) would appreciate such humour.

36. I want to get braces. When I was younger, I went to an orthodontist at the insistence of my dentist. Orthodontist said I didn't NEED braces or anything of the sort, but if we (being my parents, who would foot the bill) wanted them, he would do them. We decided against it, because my parents would have had to pay a large percentage of it, as my mom's insurance wouldn't cover the majority. Now that I am older, I wish my teeth were straighter. They're not very crooked or crowded, but enough that I notice it. Maybe when we win the lottery, I'll get them. Hint: We very VERY rarely gamble, so that's not going to happen any time soon. I would also like to whiten my teeth. This is something I will probably be doing soon. I have whitening strips, I just have to read the directions, and get to doing it!

When I got done work tonight, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some Red Bull for Rick and I. I drank a giant can of it while writing this post, and it made me feel like a hardcore partier. I'm kind of hyped up, and I have the energy to go work out. I spent some time chatting with some friends on Facebook, which is always nice. I don't get to see my friends that often because we live so far from the city, so it's nice to have a way to keep in touch.

This post has 1518 words.
I am at 15 384 total words for this month.

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