Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day Six

I woke up this morning with a healthy feeling of anxiety. And by healthy feeling, I mean a terrible, horrible feeling. I wanted to just curl up and go back to bed, but I knew I had to get up so I could get stuff done before going in to work this afternoon, the main thing being this blog post. These posts do take quite a lot of time, which isn't surprising. I often start jotting down ideas in a draft post the night before, which I didn't do for today.

Rick and I watched Turn Me On, Goddammit! last night. A little while back, he watched a whole boat load of movie trailers online in a couple days, and downloaded all the movies he could find that seemed interesting. This was one of them. It's based in a small town in Norway, and revolves around a teenaged girl named Alma. There's a lot of sexual frustration on her part, which leads to some situations that turn her into an outcast amongst her classmates. If you don't mind subtitles, and are okay with some nudity, you should definitely give it a watch. I enjoyed it.

Not long after waking up, I watched the most recent YarnGasm podcast, by Voolenvine, aka Kristin. (I hope she spells it Kristin, I'm not 100% sure, sorry!) Her podcast is one of my favourites. It's actually the one that got me back into watching/listening to them after a long hiatus without any new ones. I really like how she does videos now, because it captivates my attention a little more. Sometimes when I'm listening to a podcast, I get distracted and start reading something, and then nothing gets absorbed. I have to go back and re-listen and re-read. Anyway, in addition to all the wonderful knitting content, she mentioned that when you get married, you often become "that couple" that wears the same thing, referring to her Pomme de Pin cardigan, and her husband's soon to be Cambridge cardigan, both in grey. Rick and I aren't married, and we often end up wearing the exact same outfit. A common one was Toms shoes or moccasins, dark jeans from the gap, a plain tee shirt in grey or black, and the same American Apparel cardigan in different colours. It has happened way too many times, and one of us always has to get changed.

I finished knitting another wrap bracelet. The blue one I mentioned yesterday is done, minus having the ends tied in. I also made a red one out of some red worsted weight acrylic, the same as the shawls I made last week. I'm starting on a bright blue one now, and I will hopefully get it done today, as well. I want to have 10 made for the Made inWindsor show. Anything over that number will just be gravy. And I like gravy. I'm trying to figure out the pricing for them currently. The cost of materials is next to nil, because I'm using a lot of yarns that are remnants from other projects that are too small for anything else. I have them for $12 each right now, but that might change. So if you happen to want one, let me know before I increase the price.

Now, onto some cool strange things about me! I'm only doing four today, because I got a little verbose in one of them, and I don't want to bore you too much.

16. I used to be vegetarian, but now I eat meat on occasion. I stopped eating meat altogether in 2004, just after the end of my grade 9 year. I stopped because of animal rights, primarily, followed by the environmental impact and because I really just didn't like meat, and it didn't like me.
First: animal rights. I still believe that factory farms, growth hormones, and the cruel way that most animals are killed are all bad things, there is no arguing that. Secondly, the amount of waste and pollution from this industry is huge. Overall, the energy needed for raising animals for meat is much, much larger than what growing food crops that would use. Third, I didn't care for eating meat. I had terrible allergies growing up, and red meat was one of my trigger foods. I couldn't eat beef without feeling incredibly sick after doing so. I stopped eating that first, followed by pork and poultry, and then I cut out fish and every other animal. I also made an effort to eat vegan options when possible.

Last summer, when working at the restaurant, my boss cooked a lot of meat from locally, and sustainably raised animals. This was something I could get behind. It wasn't organic, because that meant that if an animal got sick, they couldn't be treated, which could mean more suffering for said animal. But, they weren't pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics, squeezed shoulder to shoulder on feedlots, or killed in a cruel way that caused a lot of suffering. I caved after a while, and had half a meatball from Rick's meatball sandwich I brought home for him one day. Unlike what I remembered meatballs to be (dry, and bland) this one was god. Juicy, well seasoned, and the sauce on it was wonderful. I started adding a little meat here and there into my diet; I didn't want to shock my system and end up sick. After a while, I was eating meat a few times a week, and then we went to Iceland. While there, I gorged myself on meat. It was raised locally, out in the open. The lamb we ate grew up gallivanting around the countryside, munching on green plants, and generally being free. I felt great eating this meat. Then I came home, and continued the trend of gorging. I felt like complete garbage. My system couldn't take the huge amounts of meat, and I felt sick. Now, over a year later, I still can't eat a lot of meat. I avoid meat from fast food restaurants, and any ground meats. I still eat a lot of vegetarian meals, because I prefer them, but there is definitely meat in my diet.

17. I want to open my own brick and mortar store selling handmade goods from around the world, along with well designed furniture from a few companies I already have picked out. I've wanted to open a consignment store for a while. Rick and I have actually looked into a few store fronts, to get an idea for the costs we would incur. We've talked a bit about names, what we'd both like to have in the store, and a bunch of other, more important things. Nothing is concrete yet, but it is definitely one of the biggest of my life goals.

18. I drink water. A lot of water. Since I was about 10, I've drank nearly exclusively water when eating meals. When I go out to restaurants, I sometimes ask for two glasses of water, or a pitcher left on the table. Some servers have ignored the request, and then scoff when I ask for glass after glass. I know I drink a lot of water, don't hate! Part of the reason I drink so much is another odd quirk about the way I eat (which is the next fun fact about me). Even at home, when I'm not eating, I drink a lot of water. I used to drink about 12-16 rather big glasses of water a day, now I know it's not quite that much.

19. This one is super weird. It kind of relates to number 5 from a couple days ago. I'm very particular about the way I eat. My food and drinks absolutely cannot be too hot, and they cannot be too cold. I have sensitive teeth, and this causes problems. Also, I'm way more about the texture of food than the taste. Stuff that is completely homogenous weirds me out. My mashed potatoes need to have lumps, I can't stomach so much as the idea of cream of wheat, and milkshakes are kind of gross. The only exception to this is soups, and only sometimes. Rick likes to blend the soups he makes, and this is completely okay with me if it's all root vegetables. Add anything else, and I need texture! I absolutely love Campbell's tomato soup, as long as I put a crap load of crackers, and some shredded cheese in it. As for the water, this is another strange thing. I need to take a drink of water pretty much every time I switch between foods. I take a bite of vegetables, drink, mashed potatoes, drink, meat, drink. I don't know what it is, but I've almost always done this. It doesn't usually cause a problem, unless I'm at a buffet. Then I know I'm filling up with water, but I can't help it!

My night at work was pretty uneventful. It's been pretty quiet the last couple days, so we knew some busy time was coming. Tonight was the start of it. It wasn't overly busy, but quite steady. The only remarkable situation was onion breath man. I always greet customers as they come in, asking them how they are and that sort of thing. One guy came up to my till, and after asking how he was, exhaled the BIGGEST breath possible, and it stunk like fresh onions. His breath seriously smelled like he'd eaten a ten pound bag of white onions, raw. It was disgusting, my eyes started watering, and I almost gagged in front of him. I couldn't believe it. Gross!

I spent a good chunk of the evening following the US election results, using a combination of a couple websites, Twitter, text messages, and chatting online. As of this writing, Obama is projected to win. I really hope this is the case. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until the official announcement is made.

Tomorrow, Rick and I are taking a nice drive to Trinkets & Treasures to drop off new stock and take care of some boring business matters. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to sort through my earrings and choose a few more pairs to bring, as well as some knitwear. I've sold a few things in the past months, so I need to get some new stuff in, and possibly remove the old stale items.
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I am at 10 000 total words for this month.

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