Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Weekend!

This past weekend was absolutely incredible. Thursday, I received an enveloped full of earring supplies that I won on TopHatter. I was super excited about that. I was hoping to receive them Wednesday, so I could crank out some more pairs for the weekend, but things didn't work out that way. Instead, I will make them tomorrow and Wednesday.
Friday, Rick drove me to Walkerville Brewery to set up for the Made in Windsor show. That building is beautiful! There were over thirty vendors, and each and every one had amazing items for sale. I was initially along one wall, but I moved to a corner that was closer to the actual brewing equipment. I think this may have decreased my total sales for the weekend, but I am okay with that.
Sorry about the frame on the first one.
I need to remember to either frame all of them, or leave them unframed.
The first photo is the view I had for most of the weekend. I was right at the end of the brewery, so I could see many of the tables. It was nice being there, and being able to see so much. The second photo is the front of my table, closest to the walkway between booths. The styrofoam head with the hat and cowl really grabbed a lot of attention. Overall, the Made in Windsor show was amazing. Every vendor I talked to did incredibly well, myself included. In fact, I sold so many items that one of my racks (visible in the fourth photo, at the second show) was getting empty! I can't wait to do the next Made in Windsor event!
The last two photos were taken at Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, during their Holiday Fair, yesterday. They provided the tables, coverings, and chairs which was great. I had a really long table that allowed me to spread out my stuff and not have it look all jumbled together. I put one of my folding racks up on the table, as there wasn't room on the floor. This brought everything up to eye level, and I think that helped. I didn't sell much at this show, but I am definitely doing it again next Sunday. I just have to get some more items knit!
I used Square for a few of my transactions for the weekend. People seemed to be really impressed by it, and I made quite a few sales this way. Close to 20% of the transactions were done with Square. I also ran a few transactions for some friends who didn't have a way of accepting credit card payments. I highly recommend this service.
Overall, the weekend was amazing. I spent time with my family, which is always nice. My dad, who has never seen one of my shows, helped me set up at Sprucewood, and he seemed to be really interested in what I was doing.
I used Ribbet to edit my four pictures together. It's JUST like Picnik, and very quick and easy to use. I have only used it this one time, so I can't really say if I recommend it or not, but for something simple like this, it's a great option.

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