Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Life Lately

1) I spent this past weekend at my parents house, so I could work in the beer tent at the local festival with them. We've been doing it for years, and I look forward to it at the start of every summer. We did really well, and on Saturday night, sold out of one of the three types of beer we have.
2) Friday was spent in Windsor for an appointment, lunch and dinner with friends. I had a few summery drinks that day, and just had an excellent time.
  a) The first drink was a Somersby hard cider. I don't know about elsewhere, but all the trendy hipster kids around here are drinking it. It's popular to the point that nearly all the liquor stores sell out within the first 24 hours of receiving it. I will say it's not bad, but I felt like I was drinking ever so slightly fizzy apple juice. It was served with ice, and I don't care for ice in my drinks, especially when the flavours aren't very strong to begin with.
  b) My second drink was a Mill St Lemon Tea beer. If you're in Ontario, this is a must try. It's not citrusy to the point where it's overwhelming. Plus, the lemon and tea actually taste like the real thing. It's not a fake tasting flavour like some of the lemon/lime/tea beers available now.
  c) Third drink of the day was a Magners hard cider. This is leaps and bounds better than the Somersby. It was refreshing, nicely carbonated, and actually tasted like cider, not juice. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be getting this again. I might go pick some up this week from the LCBO. (The LCBO is the only place in Ontario when one can buy spirits. The Beer Store is precisely that, a store to buy just beer)
3) Dinner was divine. The last two drinks I had were at Phog, which is my most favourite bar in the whole entire world. Phog has Phood, the most important ones being Phries and Poutine. I got a Phonion, which is a poutine made with onion rings instead of Phries. The gravy is vegetarian or vegan, I can't remember which, the cheese curds are phantastic (I had to) and the cook knows how much I like mushrooms, so he puts a bunch on there for me. If It wasn't for the health concerns associated with it, and the fact that I live a 40 minute drive away, I would eat this every day.
4) Saturday morning, the festival parade went right past my parents house. Growing up, it took a different route, so we had to walk a couple blocks to see it. I definitely appreciate the proximity now, more than I would have when I was little. The parade was about an hour long, which is what it usually is, but there were large gaps between some of the floats, which isn't how it usually is. I was busy catching candy with the granddaughters of my Mom's friend to take photos of the parade itself. I only managed to get this one shot of some of the fire trucks at the very end.
5) Sunday, I packed up all my stuff, and went to a surprise party for my aunt. My Mom and I stopped at The Beer Store to pick up some Twisted Tea. This stuff is super good. It's a malt-based cooler, and you truly don't notice the alcohol until you've had a few and try to stand up!
6) I've made some progress on all my knitting projects. I have three on the go currently, and they're coming along nicely. I have lots of plans for what to knit, as well as possibly re-opening my Etsy shop by September.
Overall, this weekend was great. It was a very nice little break from work, even though I worked just as hard at the beer tent.
How was your weekend?

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