Friday, April 12, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: April 12, 2013

This past week has been a fun one. I mentioned yesterday that I was working on some awesome new knits. I've gotten a good response to them on the RTS page. Still no sales, but I'm staying optimistic.
Late last week, Rick and I went to Wendy's for dinner after I was done work. I had one of their new chicken flatbread sandwiches. I talk to them on Twitter, and they suggested I try it. I actually enjoyed it! Not sure if it's US and Canada, or just Canada, but if you go to Wendy's, and it's there, definitely give it a shot. I had the Asiago Ranch, and there is a Smoky Honey Mustard as well. I'll try that one next.
Since we got the SmartCar, we've been going on drives now and then. With the old car, taking a couple hours to just drive around would cost us $20 or more in gas. We filled the car with diesel, and it cost about $25. This makes me really happy. This picture of me knitting is the start of something baby related that I actually finished a couple days ago. I'll share that one on Monday.
I took another one of my usual windmill pictures. No matter how many times I see them, I am still in awe. There is so much negativity relating to them in Essex County, and I just don't get it. So many people are complaining about the negative environmental impact they have, and most of it confuses the heck out of me. Maybe I'm just blissfully ignorant, but I think they're pretty neat. Plus that whole green energy and job creation aspect is really nice, too.
I cooked quite a bit this last week. Portobello mushrooms came home from the grocery store with me, and I was really happy I got them. They were a component of several meals for myself, and Rick as well. Sliced up, cooked in a wee bit of butter, and put on a wrap with egg and cheese was my favourite method of consuming them.
I can't take credit for this next food photo. Rick went crazy and made an awesome meal. This shows almost all the food. We split everything on this plate, plus a little more. A bunch of asparagus with a little oil, salt and pepper was the base of the meal. Bacon wrapped filet mignon was the protein. Some onions, which I love. Not shown is the portobello we split, and a sunny side up egg for each of us. A really satisfying meal all around. We have another bunch of asparagus in the fridge waiting to be turned into something amazing. I can't wait to see what happens with those!
This last picture is from today, and it's something that makes me very, very happy. Yesterday, I tweeted "I wonder which breweries would give me free beer if I tweet about them enough?" and mentioned three of my favourite breweries. SteamWhistle responded, saying I should go to Toronto for a brewery tour and have a drink on them. Not bad, I think. But Hop City Brewing one upped them. Actually, more than one upped... More like six upped. We had a little back and forth via Twitter, and I mentioned I work at The Beer Store. They asked which, and I thought nothing of it. Turns out, someone from there went into my store with a glass and a six pack of Barking Squirrel Lager, literally with my name on it. There was a note attached to the glass that said For Nicole, Love Barking Squirrel. I had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face when I got it. I stuck a couple in the fridge, and I'll be having one tonight. I'm looking at their site right now, and I am going to have to try their Lawnchair Classic at some point.
Overall, this week was really enjoyable. I'm going to get knitting and watching some podcasts. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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