Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Fun New Items

Recently, I've been pretty secretive about a lot of my knits. I didn't want to reveal anything, and then have it fall through. Well, all is going to be revealed today!
I started working on props for baby photography! I'm so excited for this new project. I have a ton of yarn that is ideal for these sorts of items and I can't wait to start making more stuff! I have a little stash of items I've made over the past couple weeks that I will share as I get them photographed. Here are the first few photo collages I've put together to participate in the RTS sale. (RTS stands for Ready To Ship)
I've made several of these pixie hats out of a few different yarns. They seem to be pretty popular, and are a really fun knit. I've added a few special details to some of them, that I will be sharing another time. For right now, just the simple ones. I think I have eight of these hats made so far! They're that much fun to make. I've picked out yarn for another half dozen of them already, too. If you'd like one of these in a particular colour, just let me know!
The second item available in today's RTS is a set. A pretty yellow and cream vintage cotton blanket, with a pretty tieback head band. I LOVE this set. It was one of the first things I made, and I can't get enough of it. I have quite a bit of this yarn left, so I'm hoping this sells so I can make another set.
If you would like to purchase one of these items, check out the RTS group, called PropInsanity on Facebook. I hope to sell in other groups in the future. For now, just one is enough.

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