Friday, April 5, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: April 5, 2013

This past week has been a busy one. I worked quite a bit, we had Easter Weekend, and other fun things have happened.
The first three photos are from Good Friday. Winston doesn't like other people, but likes to see what's going on, so we put him in the office with a glass door, just off of the kitchen area. He's pretty content in there, and it keeps him from getting too stressed out. I wish he was better around other people, but it's not entirely his fault. Some people do bother him, and that upsets him. 
Rick's mom goes all out for holiday dinners. We had king crab legs, calamari, a shrimp ring, and baked salmon, as well as a whole bunch of fantastic sides. The crab legs were my favourite, as usual. I had quite a few of them. After the meal, Cindy and I cracked the rest of them, pulled out the meat, and bagged it up for later. Yesterday, Rick made a delicious Asian-inspired crab meat, avocado and cucumber salad, with mayo and wasabi. It was absolutely wonderful. I'm so lucky that he creates such amazing food. 
With the meal, I decided to treat myself to a beer. I am trying to lose weight, so despite having a metric crap tonne of beer in my fridge, I don't have it very often. I looked through my collection of random beers, and the only one I knew would go well with fish was a Corona. I don't normally choose imports, but I knew this would be a good pairing. And I was right. I only have one bottle of the stuff left, and it will probably be sitting in my fridge for quite some time. Maybe I'll just have to give it to someone who would enjoy it more than I would. There's nothing wrong with drinking Corona, it just isn't really for me.
Saturday, I was back to work. I packed up some yummy fruit left over from the night before, and munched on that for lunch. I love pineapple and melon, and they were pretty darn good, considering they weren't in season. The watermelon that was in the fruit tray, was not so delicious. Which is why you don't see any in my little bowl. I'm trying to eat healthier, and this was a good start. It beats the heck out of a bagel or donut from Tim Hortons which is often a snack for me while I'm at work. I'm making little steps towards the weight loss/healthy eating thing. I know if I try to change too much all at once, it will backfire. 
Easter Sunday, Rick and I joined my moms side of the family at my Uncle's house not far from where we are. This is a get together that is repeated for more or less every holiday. We have a big family, so these events are usually pretty fun. My Uncle and Aunt from Ottawa come down with their three kids, and their hilariously awesome goldendoodle, Molly. That's the cartoon-looking pup in this photo. One of my littlest cousins, and my brothers girlfriend had to hold her steady so I could get a decent picture of her.
I've started drinking tea more regularly again. With there being a Tim Hortons right across the street from work, it's pretty easy to do so. I prefer Earl Grey, but I won't turn down just about any kind. We still have a pretty large loose leaf tea collection at home, but I'm lazy, and hate cleaning out the infuser after making it. I might just go out and buy a big ass box of green tea bags and do that every day. This is another small step towards healthy living. I need to get soda out of my diet and replace it with healthier alternatives.
I saved the best for last in this post. This is a picture of a car dashboard. A bad picture, but a picture nonetheless. This car dashboard is in our driveway. I was sitting in the passenger seat of this car. Rick was in the driver seat. It's a silver 2005 SmartCar. Diesel, 52 000kms, convertible, awesome. It's not ours though. But we will be using it regularly. We went to Windsor the night we got it, and drove all over the place. Then back and forth to work for me, and a few other trips in town, and we still have more than half a tank of gas left. With our old car, we would have had to put $30+ in the tank. I think I love this car.
I've been knitting quite a bit these last couple days. I'll update about that on Monday. I'm hoping to get some pictures taken with a real camera before then, but we'll see!

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