Friday, April 19, 2013

My Week In Instagrams: April19, 2013

Happy Friday! This week has been a fun one. I haven't worked since Saturday, so I got a boat load of knitting done. More about the knitting on Monday!
This is what I've been otherwise up to this week.
When people bring back their bottle returns at work, some of them come in really strange boxes. Cat litter is a surprisingly common one. Any time this happens, I laugh, and refer to the customers as my special kitties. This week was the first time I thought to take a picture. Maybe this is only hilarious to me. Oh well, it makes time at work go by faster.
Since I had nearly a whole week off work, I decided to paint my nails. This happened Sunday, and it lasted a whole 10 hours before I mucked something up. I hit my one nail off something and there is a tiny, round dot in the middle of it that is lacking polish. Oh well, I'm not too worried. I think I'm going to continue doing my nails more often. I like the way they look.
Rick has been cooking again this week. This plate is steamed asparagus with lemon, roasted tomatoes, pan seared lamb chop, and a fried egg over potato and onion hash. So completely delicious. I'm so lucky having someone that enjoys cooking as much as he does. There are so many things I wouldn't have ever tried if it wasn't for him. Lamb being a major one. We have to go stock up on groceries before we have any crazy fun meals again. Our fridge is looking pretty barren.
We went to Trinkets and Treasures this week to drop off a couple things to Mel. On the way back, we came through Windsor so we could stop at Taco Bell. It's probably my favourite fast food restaurant. I used to eat it several times a week. I know it's not the healthiest of foods, no fast food really is, but it's something I treat myself to now and then.
There's a lot of food and drink going on this week! When we lived at the apartment in Windsor, and we both were working at home, we would have "grown up" drinks together. I'd be knitting and listening to podcasts, drinking vanilla vodka and 7up, and Rick would be coding websites and drinking gin and 7up. This is one of those strange things we do "together". We're doing the same thing, in the same place, but more or less completely ignoring each other in every other respect. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on my various blogs and Etsy shop and what not, so a drink has been my reward for not pulling my hair out. Rick is building a website for his dad, and his gin has been a reward for not yelling at anyone.
On Wednesday, Rick and I went up to London to get his phone fixed at the Apple Store. He's been having problems with his power button for about a month and finally said enough's enough. We took the scenic drive up there, going through many, many little towns without so much as a Tim Hortons. I did a typical dirty mirror self portrait before going because I was excited, and thought I looked half decent. Sometimes, not often, I feel good about the way I look. This was one of those days. I'm working on that whole self confidence thing, and it's slowly working. There are more days that I feel good about myself than there used to be. This is one of my new years goals I set for this year.
Once we were done at the Apple Store, we walked around Masonville Mall for a little while, just to see what else there was. Lots of the same stuff that we have at home, so nothing too exciting. Then I happened to see inside DAVIDsTEA after almost walking right past it. I turned abruptly and I think my eyes got as big as dinner plates when I saw their tea wall. So many teas! I worked at Teaopia (which is now Teavana) for a couple holiday seasons, as you longtime blog followers know, so I have some knowledge about tea types. We smelled a few teas, and found a few that we liked. I got an iced Vanilla Orchid Oolong tea, which was absolutely phenomenal. Rick got a hot Rooibos de Provence. He loves lavender, and this one had some in it. Not as much as he'd hoped though. Teaopia had a blend that was just lavender buds and white tea. We're still on the hunt for something like that. Once I get more paid off on my credit card (another new years goal) I'll be ordering some tea from them online. I know Holly absolutely loves DAVIDsTEA, her blog is the first place I ever read anything about it, so I'm sure there are a lot of good blends to be had.
What have you folks been up to this week? Keep an eye out on Monday for some knitting content. I've been a busy little bee this week in the knitting department.

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  1. Ooh I like that nail polish colour! I screw up my nail polish allllllll the time, haha. Like, every time I paint my nails!

    I went to Guelph today & picked up some teaaaa, hahaha I am addicted!!!