Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awesome Thursday: April 19, 2012

This week is almost done, and I am looking forward to the weekend! I bet many of you are, too. This is the awesome stuff that has gone on for me this past week
  • I received free shower gel in the mail from Klout that I gave to Cindy, as I wouldn't get around to using it
  • I also received some Moo cards from Klout. They were only a couple bucks, and have photos from my Etsy shop. I will hopefully have a post about them soon.
  • I finally figured out a way to sort my knitted items in my craft show bin. So simple, I don't know how I haven't thought of it before. I put in all of one type of item, and then lay a shawl over them as a barrier between the next item type. SO SIMPLE! And I have a separate bag of not quite finished items that I will keep near my yarn stash for whenever I get on a finishing obsession.
  • I've been doing fairly well on this weight loss/get healthy kick. I treated myself to an ice cream cone last night, which I haven't had in ages. I will go walking again later today, after I get all my craft show stuff sorted out.
  • I have a craft show this weekend that I am really looking forward to. I've done a show at the school that it is being held in before, and I did fairly well.
  • I'm finally starting to get really organized with this whole business thing. I really want to make this a full time thing, but my laziness and the fact that I am about as organized as a bowl of oatmeal has slowed my progress.
Life is good! I can't complain about a single thing. What sorts of awesome things are going on in your lives?

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  1. Hey Nicole!
    I'm going to the Made by Hand Show in Mississauga this Saturday! Too bad you aren't going to be there... I'm going as a shopper though, but I hope in the future that I can be a vendor... It's a 7 hr trip, but it's gonna be fun!