Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good to See You Again, Rachael!

Is the Easter Bunny visiting your house? What kind of treats do you hope to get?
The Easter Bunny isn't visiting my house this year.. I'm still hoping for a chocolate egg that my dad always gives me each year though. :)

What is your favourite springtime flower?
I love daffodils and lilacs!
Those are my two favourites, too! Lilacs smell so sweet, and are the loveliest colours.

Coffee or tea, and what kind is your favourite?
Coffee! I love iced coffee, and blended coffee. The cold ones tend to be a bit sweeter to me. :)

What is your most exciting project this month?
One of my most exciting projects actually has to do with coffee! I'll be sending some coffee themed paintings to an art gallery's coffee shop!


  1. Very nice blog. Which Template do you use?

  2. Mmmmm...I'm a coffee girl too :) And I love lilacs!