Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Magic: April 23, 2012: Beautiful Bags

Happy Monday folks! This weekend was pretty good, and I was looking forward to today. Here are a few of the awesome things I came across recently. If you want one of your items included in one of my Monday Magic posts, leave a comment, send me an email, or a convo on etsy!
I actually own this bag. I bought it last summer, a little bit before we went to Iceland, as I wanted a bag that I could fit a days worth of snacks and all my other things in. It's large enough that I can fit my 15 inch MacBook Pro in (in a neoprene case) vertically, and only a bit of it sticks above the top. Love this bag! My only complaint is that the fabric was stained by my (newish) dark wash jeans, where it rubbed on my hip. I am going to order a second bag in a different colour. I am currently torn between Red, Sea, and Black. So many awesome colour options!
I've been seeing this style bag all over the place lately. Many of them have been in awesome, fluorescent colours, which I think is fantastic. I would love to get this bag, but I prefer that my purses do double duty as a laptop bag, so I don't have to carry two bags with me. If I could find one large enough to do that, I would definitely consider getting it!
This rucksack is great. There are lots of colour combinations, all in neutral options. The shop has quite a few styles, and I can't choose just one favourite. It would make a great overnight bag, or something to use when on a hike.

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