Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Magic: April 16, 2012: Undapants Edition

It's Monday, as it often is after Sunday, so that means it's time for Monday Magic! This week I am sharing some awesome undapants I have found on Etsy that I would LOVE to own. Because this post involves some booty photos, I will use my first ever cut on this post! All the lovely Etsy listings are hidden "behind" (groan) this link. EDIT: Ok, so since I can't figure out how to add text you can click to see the rest of this post, please click on the title to see the rest of the post, until I can figure it out! (If anyone can share how to do this in the comments, it would be much appreciated!)

NaughtyNaughty is a fantastic shop. I own a sleep top from them that I absolutely love. I want to get stacks of their panties, because if they are even half as comfortable as the top, I will be in heaven! I really like these more conservative boy shorts, and I think they would be great to avoid the dreaded VPL that tight pants and regular cut undies can cause. I find the colour of these absolutely lovely, as well. They'd be super cute in a whole rainbow of pastels. Or floral prints. Or stripes. Oh man, I really, really need to get myself some of these!

When I first came across these Wonder Woman panties, I flipped! I like star prints a whole lot, and these are especially great because of the stretch the spandex provides. Another awesome thing about these is that the maker, Nichola, has a second shop that sells knickers especially for roller derby! I'm not a derby girl myself, but a lot of my friends are, and I know they would love the selection!

As impractical as they sometimes are, I adore ruffle-bum undies. This jade coloured pair from Purrfect Pineapples is great. The ruffles don't cover the entire back, so that would definitely eliminate the bunching full coverage ruffles can occasionally cause. (Maybe that issue only bugs me? I have a couple pairs that I can't wear because of this) Not to mention, the adorable bows on the front really add to the forest pixie look. Everything in this shop is amazing; it was hard for me to choose just one item to show here.

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