Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Magic: April 9, 2012: I Could Put This Ring On It Edition

It's Monday, people! Time to party! Kidding of course, unless you really want to. I won't judge. Every Monday, I post a few awesome things that I've found in my internet travels for all of you to see. This week, it's cool rings.
I really, really, really love wooden rings (really, really, really!!!) and this one is exceptional. The wood grain that wraps around the ring is perfect, and the turquoise inlay just makes it. I'm a huge fan of turquoise, and I would love to buy this ring. Once I become rich and famous on Etsy (haha) I will definitely be buying myself one of these beauties. Either that, or I have to get married, and this will be my wedding band. Both of those are good options, right? Maybe I'll buy myself one, and get a different one for my wedding band. Maybe this mother of pearl one, for some non-diamond sparkle?
I find hammered metals very pretty. I think it adds a little rustic/vintage feel to the jewelry that makes it look a little more casual. Perfectly smooth rings are just dandy, but having one that is hammered and wrapped with wire like this one adds a little something else to it.
This ring does come in a couple other stone options. I think it would look great with a pink pearl, or an emerald. So many options! I'm sure if you contacted the seller, they would be willing to make up a custom one just for you.
I saw this ring a few weeks back on Rachael's blog, and I fell in love! It's so sleek and simple, with a little bit of sparkle. It's also available in an awesome hot pink, that looks super modern. I really like how it is open for some reason.

Make sure to come back next Monday for more fun things I've come across!


  1. That wooden ring is stunning. Great find!

  2. Gorgeous Post.
    Thank you so much for featuring my earring

  3. Through a convoluted route, I found this blog. My wife and I purchased two wood rings from Stout Woodworks ( for our wedding bands. They are AWESOME! So... for anyone out there: Recommend!