Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello Nancy!

Is the Easter Bunny visiting your house? What kind of treats do you hope to get?
Usually the Easter Bunny skips us...we are on and off diets, but a little chocolate never hurts!  I usually try and bake something tasty despite;)

What is your favourite springtime flower?
I'd have to say daffodils.  They are one of the first to sprout and I connect them with the relief I feel that spring is finally here!

Coffee or tea, and what kind is your favourite? Neither, really.  This might be boring, but I drink a large glass of water every morning.  Some afternoons on colder days I do enjoy a good cup of green tea though.

What is your most exciting project this month?
I'm pretty happy to be cruising along with Project Sewing 101, where I'm teaching myself to machine sew by following the instruction book and completing 33 projects in SEW 1-2-3.  My motivation for this project is to learn how to line my knit bags, and I'm just one chapter away from techniques for this, which is keeping my momentum up.

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  1. That Sew 123 is such a cute idea! I'm going to keep that in mind. I really want to teach myself how to sew. Once I move I plan on buying a machine and then there's no stopping me!