Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday's Craft Show

This past Saturday, I did a craft show at a local arena. It was a charity show for an animal rescue. I sold a few pairs of earrings, and got a chance to talk with many of the other vendors. Unfortunately, I wasn't 100% prepared as things were missing from the move. I forgot some earrings at home, and I had to borrow a table cloth from a neighbouring vendor. I will definitely be ready for the next one, though.
I had close to 200 pairs of earrings on the table. I know for the next shows, I will only put one pair of each colour up, and have the rest out of sight. It made the table pretty crowded, as you can see.
I set up my scarves and winter wear, as it was pretty cold outside. I realized that I don't have nearly as many scarves as I thought I did (they only covered half of the top of the laundry rack, and usually I have a hard time fitting them all) so I am going to be knitting more.
I had plenty of hats, and enough neck warmers and cowls. I have plans for how much of everything I want to keep in stock, so then I don't have too much of any one thing.
I have a lot to learn about craft shows, and this business as a whole, I don't doubt that at all.


  1. I always think that each show is a learning experience, even if it doesn't turn out perfectly. Now you know what you need to do for the next show!

  2. Were there other vendors selling hats and scarves etc? How do people in your area take handmade products? Do you get people telling you how they can make a scarf themselves? I get that a lot, so I'm going to change up my products for craft shows..

    1. One other vendor with crocheted hats and scarves. The reason for the slow sales was the lack of attendance. There weren't a lot of people coming through the doors.